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Welcome to Lumbar Cool Memory Foam Mattress Store – Fort Payne – Rainsville AL – If you don’t know what it’s like to personally own and sleep on a premium memory foam mattress near Fort Payne – Rainsville AL, you’re missing out big time. Incredible Mattresses, Adjustables, and Pillows; Getting more sleep will not suffice. You need to have excellent quality, restorative sleep for optimal health, and quality of life.


EasyPay Finance SALE
EasyPay Finance SALE

The Revolution

Qualifies for the Biggest Friends Discount

 Featuring a woven cover with state-of-the-art cooling yarn for responsive, cooler sleep.

This Mattress feels like one of the most expensive mattresses
on the market for, only 1/3 of the cost!

Shake up the status quo.

When it comes to soft beds, not all mattresses are created equal. Innovative, indulgent, and uncompromising, the Revolution by The Bed Boss has a decidedly American style that’s ultra plush without sacrificing support. This 5-layer design features 7 inches of our best memory foams and a cover woven with state-of-the-art cooling yarn for responsive, cooler sleep. The Revolution is a bed that proudly salutes life, liberty, and the pursuit of a nap. 

Mattress in a Bag-

Vacuum-packed money savingsBed in a bag Bed in a box.pStation Waggon.png

All of our mattresses ship in an 

easy-to-transport bag and set up quickly

Adjustable Beds

Get a more comfortable night’s sleep

Arise Adjustable bed Store
The Arise adjustable bed from The Bed Boss – Lumbar Cool Mattress Showroom Store

Our adjustable bases receive high customer 

satisfaction ratings due to quality and affordable prices.

Buy Good Quality Mattresses from a Trusted Dealer!

Question: My last mattress purchase was a failure, it only lasted 2 years and was told it was a good one. so how can I know what I'm buying? - Answer: Good One!, First of all most people don't realize the differences in mattresses from one to the other and that's bad news for consumers. Try this method, actually lay on the mattress for at least 10 minutes. Back Sleepers; need more firm mattress usually recommended after back surgery to allow healing. Side Sleepers; need more cushion say a plush firm and Stomach Sleepers; enjoy even more cushion say soft to plush. Either way to find a better quality mattress focus on the inside, move around, bounce and you can tell the level of quality. The more it moves the less the quality. A more solid mattress last longer in general.. View the Mattress Firmness Scale Below.

Mattress Firmness Scale

Don't forget Pillows and Linens!

The Earth is our Friend - Our products are more natural than others!

This is the #1 most comfortable mattress for Teens, Students and Guest Rooms!
College Kid's just throw in the car and go!


Firmness Level 3

Queen $909.95

As lovely as it is comfortable, the Prosperity restores your body and eases your mind with truly restful sleep.

The Crown

Qualifies for the Biggest Friends Discount

 9 different comfort areas designed to maximize support and airflow

Comfort reigns supreme.

Who wouldn’t want to live like a King? That’s the inspiration behind the Crown. Our Contour 9 system gives your hips and shoulders the royal treatment with 9 different comfort areas designed to maximize support and airflow. Appoint yourself Sovereign of Slumberland and Ruler of Relaxation. Don’t worry—it’ll be our little secret. 

The Melody

Firmness Level 4.5

Queen $1,089.95

Luxurious & comfortable pillow top with 

ergonomic support, great for side sleepers.

Be the composer of sound sleep.

The Melody features latex for bounce-back resiliency, actively cooling gel, and memory foam with individually pocketed coils for a medium-soft feel. Melody is built to perfectly conform to your curves and cradle your body, enabling the exhausted mind and aching body to orchestrate sweet melodic sleep night after night.


Firmness Level 5

Queen $999.95

Restful sleep and less tossing and turning are no longer a possibility, but a reality on The Bed Boss Reflection.

See yourself in a new light.

With a pillow top to restore your mind and body to its potential, the Reflection features 5 layers of comfort and support on a highly resilient 5-zone coil system. Restful sleep and less tossing and turning are no longer a possibility, but a reality on The Bed Boss Reflection.


Firmness Level 5

Queen $1,315.95

Universal appeal and unmatched quality for all sleeping positions.

Something to fight over.

The Prestige is made to last with double hand-tufting for durability and consistent longevity. Layer upon layer of comfort and support will make your mattress the envy of family and friends. With the Prestige, we have a achieved a level of quality unmatched in the industry at a price still accessible for those on a modest budget. Enjoy it for years, then bequeath the gift of amazing sleep to your favorite relative. To long life and great sleep on the Prestige!

The Rejuvenate

Firmness Level 5.5

Queen $955.95

Great for all sleeping positions and most comfort preferences.

Re-live the glory days.

Refuse to let time and an uncomfortable mattress hold you back. The Bed Boss Rejuvenate is a unique hybrid memory foam and innerspring mattress with a great feel for a fantastic night’s sleep. Put your hard-earned wisdom to work and feel younger and more energetic every morning.

The Heir ET Plus

Firmness Level 6

Queen $995.95

A fresh new look for an old favorite. Now with Cool Response fabric!

A silver spoon for the rest of us.

An amazing night of sleep should not be reserved for the privileged few. Featuring 4 inches of breathable, resilient memory foam and a distinctive Euro top design, the Heir ET offers the luxury you deserve at a price you can afford. It’s universally appealing and oh so comfortable. And with the money you save, you could open a trust fund of your own.

The Sweet Dreams

Firmness Level 7

Queen $295.95

The Sweet Dreams is a bed your child will want to crawl into early and stay in all night long. 

Snuggle ready.

Every parent knows that you only sleep as well as your children do. With plush, fun fabric and a matching kid-sized pillow, the Sweet Dreams is a bed your child will want to crawl into early and stay in all night long. The removable, washable waterproof cover makes for easy cleanup. Plus, memory foam is excellent for little backs and comfortable for mom and dad in case duty calls.

The Heavenly Hybrid

Firmness Level 6

Queen $705.95

Extra support for back sleepers.

Just shy of miraculous.

If your old mattress is in need of a little divine intervention, look no further than the Heavenly Hybrid by The Bed Boss. A combination of the latest in innerspring technology and soft, high-resiliency, gel-infused memory foam provides consistent support and cool comfort. Experience sleep that’s nearly angelic at a price that’s truly sublime with the Heavenly Hybrid.


Firmness Level 8.5

Queen $1,099.95

For those seeking a firm mattress that can keep up with a busy lifestyle.

Go the distance.

For those seeking a firm mattress that can keep up with a busy lifestyle, the Endurance is a beautiful addition to The Bed Boss family. Rejuvenate each night, not only to survive, but to thrive each day. The Endurance features jump and tack quilting, multi-layered construction, and a 5-zone highly resilient coil system for unmatched longevity.

The Adjustable Base

Simple design. Superior performance. This is the cream of the crop. Our fully adjustable bed base forms any head and foot position you could desire. Features dual massage ability with continuous, wave, and pulse rhythms. Includes wireless, backlit remote that adjusts the base with one touch, including instant leveling. Preset three of your favorite positions for instant relaxation.

Renew Gel Memory Foam Topper

$199.00 Price

Not yet ready to replace your old bed? Add the unmatched comfort of this two-sided topper to your current mattress and begin experiencing what may be the best sleep of your life. 

Featuring 2.5 total inches of comfort and two unique sleeping surfaces: silky soft Tencel fabric with cool response technology for summer and a premium quilted faux duvet with pillow loft for winter.