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Welcome to Barter Post – Lumbar Cool Mattress near Fort Payne – Rainsville AL We manufacture a quality mattress. Luxury, Quality Value, and Basic Mattresses. We take pride in craftsmanship and use only the finest components to build a long-lasting mattresses range from 10 to 20-year warranty and expect some may last up to 30 years with care. Our mattresses are made in the USA by local American workers in our community. We love what we do, and it shows. No matter what your needs, firm, soft, or plush, you’re going to love your new purchase, and we offer a 30-day comfort guarantee to prove it. 

“Everyone’s built different, so we build different “

Mr. Jimmy, with over 30 years of experience, specializing in the field of mattresses to aide in the relief of chronic pain. Knowing the different mattress types is vital for aging over 40. The majority of people prefer a mattress with coils inside. Simply as we age foam mattresses sink in too far, then it’s too hard to get out of the bed. Young people 20 to 35 love memory foam mattresses; they are very comfortable and straightforward for the younger generation. A foam mattress is perfect for the older folks that are more feeble and do require memory foam that is soft to the body to keep from getting sore when bed-bound.

The Lumbar Cool Mattress was born out of necessity, with so many customers with chronic sleep pain we needed to make a difference in quality of life. the market only sells different comfort mattress and custom fit comfort differently to allow you to get a better nights rest with Lumbar Cool and patented Spinal zone technology.

Lumbar Cool - Spinal Zone Mattress, Levitates Your Body Back To Comfort

Brand #1- qLumbar Cool “Hybrid” Mattress with only quality name brand foams, super breathable fabrics. A hybrid is multiple technologies in one – Foams + Memory Cool Foams + Hybrid Coils made from US Steel. A hybrid mattress offers much better support than foam mattresses — our newest Coil on Coil, which is two layers of coils for maximum quality.

The top layer of pocketed coils designed for comfort. Average 1000 pocketed steel coils for no partner disturbances. The bottom layer is old school, super thick Coils to offer a heavy-duty solution and in my opinion, will outlast our competitors.

Brand # 2 – Comfy Cool “Organic” Mattress with more all-natural organic products. 

Top of the line quality, allergy-free, chemical-free.
Pure Talalay Bliss foams and quality US Steel pocketed coils.

Be sure to check out our new Bamboo black & Aloe Mattress double-sided mattress at a value-price that sure to double the pleasure. 

Brand #3 – Old West Mattress, built with top quality cool, breathable covers, pocket coils.  Mattresses for half the price.

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We have sold just about every mattress manufacture on the market from Sealy, Serta to Tempur-Pedic, Beautyrest and more.Warranty issues, poor online reviews except a few and complaints of poor construction, foams and coils saggin the middle etc. 

The professionals have taught so much. To build the best chronic pain mattress, it must go through a specialized manufacturing process combined with our team of exceptionally qualified experts, we can offer you a better nights rest.                  Today 10 years later we carry our own mattress brands,  Lumbar Cool Hybrid+ Mattress, Comfy Cool Organic+ Mattress and Old West Value Mattress.

Make an appointment with Mr. Jimmy 30 years experience 

to fit you with the right mattress for the right price. 

Mr. Jimmy will design the most comfortable mattress for the way you sleep. The right mattress can aide in the relief of chronic pains like: arthritis, degenerative discs, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, restless legs, neuropathy, carpal tunnel, sleep apnea, surgery and recovery, accidents and many more. Fabrics that offer proper airflow for breathability, some fabrics sleep cooler or warmer, depending on the person as some sleep hotter than others. Foams are a big issue we use products made in usa. Chinese products are cheap made and may cause foams to sink in the middle. often made with cheap coil systems. Many stores offer these products because the look good and cost less to the consumer. Our mattresses are built different. We use a Spinal Zone cage to protect the foams, pocketed coils and offers the best relaxation of the lumbar. Support is very import, our coil systems are extra strong and made of quality US Steel. If your light as a feather or one of my heavy built friends, you will sleep better, more comfortable and will feel like your in a luxury hotel.

Warranty 100% Replaceable – Top of the line 10 years to 20 years!

Do you prefer a firm feel or a super soft plush mattress? Maybe you’re somewhere in between. A firm mattress has a harder feel and is best if you need maximum support with little give. A more plush mattress offers improved give, for a lighter, more airy feel. Pillow tops are the softest options, while Euro Tops are a more luxurious feeling. We offer the right comfort at the right price and custom to fit the way your body rest thru the night

People who sleep on their side or back may need a more plush mattress. A firm feel is recommended for people who sleep on their stomach or back most of the time. These sleepers shouldn’t be on a soft surface, or the back will tend to bow downwards, causing lower back pain. No matter what firmness, leg syndrome, and neuropathy is a growing concern, so we soften the foot of the mattress to aid in the relief of nerve pain within the feet, leg, and hips.

Spinal Zone® patented technology, a chiropractic break thru in aligning the spine while taking the pressure off the legs and hips while your body rests’.

A cage designed over top the coil system, feeling of levitation while relieving chronic pain. Supports foams and coils from breaking down and sinking in the middle. lasting longer than other brands. 

Another key feature, we soften the shoulders area to relieve numbness

pain associated with Neck, Shoulder and Carpal Tunnel

Firmness is the immediate feel when you first lie down, while support refers to how the mattress keeps your spine in alignment. We pay attention to detail by providing a thicker edge to edge support. Being able to sit on the edge in comfort. While most mattresses have Chinese coils that cause break downs in the middle of the mattress, we only use quality materials, foams, and coils made of US steel and Made in the USA by local American workers in our community.

Do you get hot when you sleep? Our Lumbar Cool and Comfy Cool Mattresses offer the best temperature regulating sleep. a mattress for chronic pain should allow for optimal airflow through materials like foam and latex. Gel-infused memory foam can be a perfect solution to keep your body at an optimal temperature if quality foams and positioning of the foams in the right order are a factor in the design process. Trapped heat between injured areas and foams may cause Chronic pain to stay imflammed for longer periods causing restless sleep and fatigue.

Pure Talalay Bliss Latex All Natural Mattress

Why is Pure Talalay Bliss Latex Mattresses better??

On average you spend one-third of the year in bed. You spend more time on your mattress than any other furniture in your house, but do you invest in a mattress that gives you the luxurious sleep experience you deserve? If you aren’t sleeping on a Pure Talalay Bliss mattress, the answer is no.

In traditionally designed mattresses, there is a tradeoff between support and pressure relief. The firmer the mattress is, the less pressure relieving it is. The softer it is, the less supportive it is. Support is what holds you up and keeps your skeletal structure aligned. Pressure Relief is achieved when you sink into a mattress a bit. By choosing a Pure Talalay Bliss mattress, you don’t have to choose.

When you lie down at the end of a long day, our Talalay Latex mattresses form to your body to give you support where you need it. Each mattress is custom made by hand and delivered to your door within a week.

You might not be able to get a massage every day, but when you sleep on a Pure Talalay Bliss mattress you will feel like you have been pampered every night.       Sleeping is Believing!

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Seal of approvals from:

  • The Congress of State Chiropractor Association,
  • Certipur foam,
  • Oektek lateX

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Lumbar Cool Mattress our finest Hybrid Chronic Pain Mattress with Spinal Zone TM. Like no other mattress on the market it will levitate your lumbar pain away and take the pressure right off the body to help lower inflammation while you rest. His latest invention is the new Comfy Cool Sleep Mattress. It’s an Organic Hybrid Mattress so you can sleep even cooler thru the night like a king and your Queen will surely love you back... #1 Best Selling Latex 100% pure Talalay Bliss - all natural mattresses from nature.

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