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The Lumbar Cool Hybrid Mattresses are designed with only the best quality foams, breathable cooler covers, US Steel Coils sleep system, Edge support.  The Lumbar Cool Mattress is advanced technology plus along with standards in education and skills set by the Chiropractors Association. In our opinion The Lumbar Cool Mattresses are the finest mattress you can buy anywhere on the market that specializes, aides in the relief of chronic pain, back pain, body pain, neck, Legs and hips.

Biggest Friends Discount - Super Cool Deals On Memory Foam


Pressureless Memory Foam
$ 24 EasyPay For Wayy Less!
  • Twin $147
  • Full $220
  • Queen $ 252
  • King $309
6 inch


Extra Firm Memory Foam
$ 29 EasyPay For Wayy Less!
  • Twin $219
  • Twin XL $237
  • Full $289
  • Queen $317
  • King $419
  • Cal King $437
8 inch


Firm Cool Gel Memory
$ 34 EasyPay For Wayy Less!
  • Twin $269
  • Twin XL $317
  • Full $377
  • Queen $436
  • King $556
  • Cal King $579
10 inch


Plush Firm Cool Gel Memory
$ 39 EasyPay For Wayy Less!
  • Twin $334
  • Twin XL $357
  • Full $422
  • Queen $517
  • King $638
  • Cal King $667
12 inch

Lumbar Cool Mattresses come in all sizes Twin XL, Full Queen, King. Each piece is custom handcrafted to fit for a better quality and more comfortable sleep. 

The Lumbar Cool Hand Tufted Mattress helps you to rest better, longer thru the night. 

Everyone is built different, so we build different. The Lumbar Cool Black Mattress with the Spinal Zone improves sleep by levitating your body back to comfort,  by taking more pressure off the lumbar, to decrease discomfort of restless legs, neuropathy. 

The Lumbar Cool Spinal Zone® Mattress

Manufactured by Local “American Workers”


Our 30 DAY COMFORT GUARANTEE – If your new Lumbar Cool Mattress is not the most amazing mattress you thought it would be, then bring it back , we’ll let you exchange or upgrade to another comfort, one time within 30 days and that’s our promise to you.

A Lumbar Cool 

“Gold” Tufted Mattress 

It’s a cool and luxurious soft to the touch mattress, built to last longer with a super duty coil system, amazing edge to edge support, continuous lasting foams, designed to cuddle your body in a way that let’s your body rest..

A Lumbar Cool “Gold” Tufted Mattress is more than the traditional mattress. You experience an amazing luxury comfort, as it cuddles your body with the new spinal zone technology it instantly takes the pressure off your spinal area, hips and legs as it crosses over the mattress from edge to edge over the foams and coils which prevents sag in the middle so you and your partner can won’t worry about rolling into the middle of the mattress which is the number one complaint most customers have today.




Copper is a mineral that is essential to human health. It has many health, wellness and beauty benefits. The human body doesn’t create copper on its own, so we must get it from other sources in order to receive its value. This can be done by eating foods rich in copper or using textiles and other products infused with copper. 

I give this a 

thumbs up!!

  • Best Quality, 

  • Best Comfort, 

  • Best Coolness, 

  • Best Support, 

  • Best Price. 

The Benefits of Copper

  • Antibacterial and Antimicrobial

  • Sleeps 2 Degrees Cooler

  • Helps Reduce Anti-Inflammatory

  • Sleep Deeper, Look & Feel Better

  • Helps Slow Down Osteopororasis

  • Helps Improve Your Blood Circulation

  • New Foams Last 55% Longer

  • No Sag in the Middle of Mattress

  • No More Rolling in the Middle 

  • 400% More Airflow thru Mattress

  • Lumbar Motion Reduces Body Stress

  • + Zero Gravity Helps Heal Chronic Pain

Lumbar Cool Mattress Protector

“The Wee Proofer”

☆☆☆☆☆  Review   

   Ok so I realize money don’t grow on a tree, but it should, because I specialize in the best mattresses for chronic pain, I think how important a mattress is to the power of healing. Even though there is no mattress that can fix you, I guess I would like to differ. I have found the hardest thing to do when we are injured is to heal, and for so many medical reasons that are beyond me, my own injuries have never healed and I felt like my pain and inflammation would last forever, but as I learn more, I’m proved wrong. What I didn’t know is my muscles needed to be in a relaxed state, I have to condition myself in order to get a longer, deeper REM type sleep, this is what the doctors say is the most import way to start the healing process. 

    The Scandinavian does just that. When I rest on this mattress my body soaks into multi-levels of a combination of different foams, like Super Soft foam, Memory gel foam, Talalay Latex infused “Copper”, The Scandinavian Sandmahn feels very plush and the support is luxuriously amazing. The Cool Comfort is a firmer version and is perfect when your body needs a firmer option.

    Not all mattresses are made the same from store to store so be cautious. When it comes to the right mattresses for pain the way each layer of foam is positioned and the type of foams are imperative. Some people may prefer a softer shoulder area to help with shoulder numbness, others may need advanced foams for the lower back lumbar region to help press up to your body to help alleviate lower back pain. All things are considered and the other mattress stores don’t personally focus on your pain but get really excited to sell you a mattress and make that money, Wahoo!! Even though it may be a good quality expensive mattress, it won’t be designed to offer you a more personal comfort to your body pain. You don’t want to exchange quality of life with a good looking mattress in the long run. 

    The Scandinavian Sandmahn. It’s unbeatable and it’s a powerhouse compared to anything made on the market. The Scandinavian mattress is a European design that in my book is probably the number one mattress ever designed. The huge difference is the price, buy it from us Wholesale Cost +10% and it includes The Lumbar Cool package and super thick pure talalay latex which neutralizes hot and cold by regulating our bodies temperature more efficiently. The “Copper” infused latex offers all the health benefits used for over ten thousand years to aide in our health and well being.

    I wanted a mattress for my friends that I could actually feel like they’re getting the best mattress ever for their money. So as a connoisseur, the Scandinavian is the right mattress and so I took it home in a heart beat. I can honestly say this mattress has the highest approval rating.  

    Copper minerals have been used for thousands of years aiding in so many health benefits, like inflammation of the body, joint pain relief, better blood circulation, cooler sleeping, improves muscle recovery, balancing, headaches, joint pain, etc and so the legend lives on – LEARN MORE


“Longer Warranty than our Competitors!”